Today is day 2 of my holiday,  and as per my holiday goals, today was exercise day.  I had promised myself I would do it this morning, get it out of the way…so last night I prepared my workout gear – ready to get going in the morning.

A lot of people have asked me about my motivation for exercise – or where I find it. But let me tell you…this morning I played every mind game, and tried every excuse with myself not to do it. These included.. “I haven’t slept enough” “It’s too hot” “I’ll wake my boyfriend” but the best one “I’ll look stupid”

Now this last one played with me for ages. I lay there fighting myself..TRYING to find a reason not to do it. There are other people in this camp site…what would they think about some girl doing squats and lunges and running up and down the campsite?? But finally I remembered that NO excuse is better than the reason I’m doing this in the first place, so up I got (I didn’t wake my boyfriend) and exercise I did.

I set up a mini circuit – there was a concrete slap just next to us which was perfect for walking lunges and I mixed in some squats with my resistance band, jump squats, star jumps, abs and press up. I did this 5 times and I was spent. Proud and spent.

And do you know what? No one said a thing – no one even blinked an eye, except my boyfriend..who while he cooked me breakfast played Personal Trainer and told me to squat deeper.  My mind had tried, once again, to let me fail. Lesson learned. suck.


The Girl Who Lifts.

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