So I went to the dietician today. We went through my food diary and talked about portions and then she said this…

“It looks pretty good to me”

What does that even mean?!! Obviously I’m doing something wrong otherwise I wouldn’t be in this situation. She must have picked up on my disbelief as she very quickly followed with…

“But there are some things you could change.”

Her suggestions: Have ½ cup of oats instead of a full cup and cut up some fruit in the evenings if I’m feeling like something sweet. Wow. That’s the best you’ve got? I’m sitting here, asking for your advice…and you tell me to cut up some fruit?

She finished up by telling me to “give it a go” and come back in 2-3 months.

So back to the doc I go to get another referral to another dietician for another opinion. I’m not going to stop until I get some answers.

After work I (luckily) had another session with Jake – 50kg bench press today. I’m still feeling pretty weak in my arms, and I feel it’s a real mental fight to push myself to failing point. Jake is amazing at getting me to my limit and tonight was one of those nights. We followed the bench with some incline dumbbell work, some overhead shoulder press and then a quick circuit (made up of kettlebell swings, skipping and abs) to finish off. Arms are def not my favourite thing to do, but I’m learning to love it.

I had a steak for dinner with my friend Rachael and caught the late train home. Again a perfect example of me using food to socialise, but it was the only chance I was going to see her…and it was a damn good steak.

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