Over 18 months ago I moved to Australia from New Zealand, and once I had settled in I decided to get back into the gym and get myself a trainer. This led me to Mark at Top Health PT. Now, if you’ve never had a personal trainer, a good one is definitely worth the money, and Mark was worth it. Yes, he was total babe… but Mark GOT me. He knew my struggles, he made me enjoy exercise and everything that goes along with it.

You can discover about Top Health PT here.

Many people have asked me WHY I need a trainer – can’t I just do it myself? Think of the money you would save? Can’t you just download an app for that? The answer (for me) is no… I can’t, and here’s why

  1. Self-motivation only lasts so long. There are days when I just CAN NOT be bothered going, but I’m booked and paid so make use of it
  2. KNOWLEDGE. These guys are trained to know what they’re doing. They know what exercises go together, they know what’s going to work for me, much more than I do
  3. They make training fun. I can’t remember a session where I wasn’t laughing – mostly at myself, but the laughter was there
  4. Support. Anytime I’ve got a question, or something hurts, or I just need to be reminded why I’m doing it – they’re there.
  5. RESULTS (nothing more needs to be said)

Over the next year and a bit, Mark and I worked away…my weight went down a little, but never much. This didn’t annoy me though (much). I loved being fit, I loved feeling strong, and I was finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Being a girl, heavy lifting was NEVER something I thought about doing, I didn’t want to be BIG, or muscly and the preconceived idea kept me far far away from weights. MAN I WAS WRONG.

The road to 100 began very soon after this – a 100kg deadlift. I remember the feeling of lifting 80kg and that was it – I was hooked.

Mark then introduced me to Jake, a new trainer to the Top Health PT team… and without these guys, I could never have gotten to where I am now. Jake and I started training together – 100kgs was well within my reach and I was getting excited. The day I smashed 100kgs by 10kgs was big. This was soon followed by 122.5kgs…..135kgs……then 140kgs just before, and then once again on my 28th bday. Jake followed this lift by making me do 3 sets of 10 x 100kg lifts. This was it. This was what my thighs were built for. I am The Girl Who Lifts.

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